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Plant care in its essence

About us

Horti Plant Care (HPC) is a progressive company founded on the development of new solutions and products that increase plant yields and offer better protection against adverse environmental factors.

At HPC, we have been doing for many years, working together with our partners and building on our knowledge through experience gained in research and development and through bringing innovative products for protecting and feeding crops onto the market.

The benefits for commercial growers are central to our approach, with the focus being on sustainability, effectiveness and profitability. Our mission is to translate the latest and best scientific developments into useful products that provide the maximum advantage to our customers. In doing so, we do not lose sight of environmental requirements and the needs of society.


Innovation is what drives our strategy. At HPC, we provide plenty of scope for the development of people, products and methods. Improved techniques allow us to convert these new developments more quickly into the innovative products the market is calling for.

Our aim is for our products to have several effects, with the focus not only on nutrients but also on improved protection against environmental and stress factors and on improved quality and flavour. At the same time, we strive to limit dependence on chemicals.

The HPC Team will continue to search for new solutions to the challenging problems the world faces today.